Billing Policy

Billing Policy


Dr Michelle Proud Gynaecology & Fertility is committed to providing open and transparent information about fees and billing and seeking informed financial consent from patients before providing healthcare services. This practice is a non-bulk billing practice and payment is required at the time of consultation. Pre-payment is required for all surgical procedures.


Dr Michelle Proud Gynaecology & Fertility bills patients directly and can process Medicare claims on the patient’s behalf.

Patients will be informed of the estimated service fee for consultations at the time of booking. Occasionally, there may be other expenses associated with your visit, depending on what medical services are recommended. The cost for these services will be explained to you and your financial consent will be sought before the service is provided.

Surgical Procedures

Dr Proud is a ‘known-gap’ provider. Dr Michelle Proud Gynaecology & Fertility offers Medicare Online electronic claiming facilities so that it is processed at time of payment. Your private health fund will cover a major portion of the costs of any gynaecological surgery that you may require. There will be some out-of-pocket expenses for the surgical procedure, and our staff will be happy to explain this to you.

Surgical fees are payable at least one week prior to surgery.

If surgery is required in the hospital, Dr Proud’s administration staff will help you obtain the relevant fee estimates from Buderim Private Hospital, and any other specialists who may be involved with your surgery (e.g. Anaesthetist). Informed financial consent is obtained before any procedures are carried out.

Surgical Assistant’s Fees

Most major surgeries require the use of a surgical assistant in order to perform your surgery. Dr Proud has a dedicated group of surgical assistants who work closely within the team. Surgical Assistant’s fees are billed together with the surgical fees.

There are no additional fees for inpatient consultations during your hospital stay following surgery.

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