Menstrual Abnormalities

Menstrual Cycle Abnormal?

Menstrual Abnormalities

Menstrual abnormalities refer to changes in a menstrual cycle, including changes in the frequency, duration, or heaviness of bleeding. 

Some of the most common menstrual abnormalities include:

These menstrual abnormalities can have a significant impact on a your daily life, causing discomfort, fatigue, or pain. Additionally, some menstrual abnormalities can affect a fertility, making it more difficult for you to conceive.

Dr Proud focuses on treating the underlying cause of the menstrual abnormality to improve your symptoms. Treatment options for menstrual abnormalities depend on the underlying cause and can range from lifestyle changes, to medications, such as hormonal or non-hormonal options to surgery, such as endometrial ablation or hysterectomy.

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